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Building Your Everyday Carry & Back Home Bag

Watch this video on putting together you Everyday Carry Kit and Your Getting Back Home Bag – it’s 30:39 minutes long was edited out from full 1 hour video. “Everyday Carry and Back Home Bag” You can get everything you need for these (other than the handgun) online with Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart or others. Target is 2 weeks.
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Building Your Survival Binder

The document from our Prepper Academy from Erich Jacobs on putting together your survival binder is better than I could do so I’ve added it here as a download. Right click and save as… Building Your Survival Binder The “Fall back location” mentioned in the document that you can plan a route to is Jim Hadley’s mini-farm in Lutz. 16130 Hanna Rd Lutz, FL 33549 Also here is the video, if you didn’t see it, on putting together this survival binder – to give some mass. Watch or right click and save as… Survival Binder Video 8:31 minutes. For fall-back
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Stand Off – Private US Citizens vs. US Government

Taken from “Front Sight” blog article – This happened 12 April 2014. Here is a video from the scene of the armed standoff between the federal government and hundreds of American citizens in the desert near Las Vegas on April 12. The reason for the dispute is not as important as the fact that is was ARMED citizens who converged on the scene to support and prevent armed agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from confiscating a private citizen’s cattle. Make no mistake, it was not the hundreds of protesters who stopped the federal government from their actions.
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Unlimited Electricity in the Future – FREE

With the Petro-Dollar on the chopping block (See report How Long will US Dollar Remain World Currency?) there is no way to stop free electric energy creation. Problem for the old guard, there just no way to stop all the new civilization creation that is going on from Permaculture movement to various environmental friendly Energy creation solutions. Watch this 4.5 minute video Solar Roadways
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How Long Will US Dollar Remain the World Reserve Currency?

  And what will happen when that changes? Here is a chart showing a history of world reserve currencies and how long they lasted. What effect will the US dollar not being the worlds currency have on our daily living? Mostly I would say only in the price of goods, mostly from imported goods from outside the US which is mostly what is in Wal-Mart and Costco, and many other stores. This is just a little heads up to be a bit more aware of what is happening. This video (25 minute report in 2 parts) from Max Keiser is
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4-Indicators for Prediction

Hey All Heads Up. Here is a Val Doc notice sent over by David from Kurt Paine. Download the file “Signs of a Breakdown”, print it out and carry it with you for a quick reminder. ————————————————————————————- Hi Team, I’ve gotten some help from Kurt to put together a list of indicators for us to observe for and report. That way we’ll know when to go to a higher state of preparedness, per the Price of Freedom. These fall into 4 broad categories: 1. Shortages 2. Social Unrest 3. Economic Indicators 4. Troop Movements I’ve put these onto a single
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Winston’s Survival Emergency Kit

Here is the kit that Winston has made for any members who want it and/or had requested one previously. He did a briefing on the contents and what these items can do for you and it’s quick amazing that amount of body issues that can be alleviated and affected very quickly with these items. Anyway he will be bringing them to our next full meeting, end of the month, and doing a full briefing and bit of a hatting cycle for us. He’s put a lot of work into this and is giving this to us at his cost of
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