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Novice Gun Class- Wyoming Antelope Club

I have checked many places around Tampa and consider this the best value by far. $50. gets you a 5 hr class (12 pm – 5:00) teaching you about guns and gun safety and qualifies you to apply for a Concealed Weapon Carry Permit. They prefer you bring your own gun with 100 rounds (bullets). Most other places you have to shoot their gun and only just a few times so here you get practice and pointers.They do have some guns you can borrow if you want to. This class is done only once per month and the next one
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FOR RESEARCH AND REFERENCE This seems to be The Wealth of Information on everything related to Survival with thousands of pages and being in existence since 2005. I would recommend you have the Data Evaluation Outpoints handy as you are reading this stuff – It’s quite overwhelming but they have a good directory and search feature, but not the best prices, it’s a start though. LOL – Set your timer because you could lose Days in this Site. SURVIVAL BLOG
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The Initial License is the Technician License, then later the General License, which gives broader range frequencies and longer distances. Special Note – The Purpose of this license test is to pass it, not necessarily learn anything. After all it is a government test. So have fun number of times over drilling. To Practice and review the test go to Ham Radio License Study. Go through “Read Questions” section first and get familiar with the correct answers. There are 394 questions and answers to read through and look up words. I primarily used Google “What does ____ mean”. Then take
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