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Hurricane Preps

In Advance of Hurricane Season Have at least a two week’s supply of food & water, can opener A portable stove of some type Have BOB ready Make sure you have Val Docs where you can get to them easily Have at least 5-10 gallons of gas stored. More is better Not a bad idea to have a large tarp or tarps in case of roof or window damage Hand tools, rope, gloves, nails, screws to make repairs, charge up battery powered tools Window protection – plywood, hurricane windows or shutters First Aid kit – we should all have this
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Medical Checklists–General Data

USG  Div 4C—Medical Checklist General Data The information compiled by Div 4C-Medical has been distilled into the following sections. Important things that may come to our attention later will be added. Feel free to call on your POD Medical (Div 4C) Person or Div 4C I/C, me, for help and advice on any of these steps. The list of items necessary to be sufficiently prepared for almost anything is extensive. Each household should have a full kit. Obviously each POD should have one and members would bring their personal kits, should we need to activate the PODS. The kit has been
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