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Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here – Clear Understanding of What This Is

  “A briefcase-size radio weapon could wreak havoc in our networked world” Please read this article from a highly respected technical website which gives you a clear understanding of what an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) blast is, how it works and some suggestions of how to protect your electronic and electric devices and equipment. Here is the article which you can read online from 25 August 2014 Electromagnetic Warefare or Download Article by right mouse click and save as. Of interest – this little clip of an EMP blast, from the movie Oceans 11, is definitely possible to do today and
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US Dollar as World Currency Ends as Trade with Other Currencies Begins

Here are some current keys news articles on the US Dollar losing world currency status and the transition beginning. 17 April 2014 – China’s Yuan to Become the Next World Reserve Currency? China’s Yuan as World Currency? 27 August 2014 The Beginning of the End of US Dollar as a World Reserve Trade Currency – Non-US Dollar Trade Begins First Petro (Fuel) Trade Without US Dollar
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Pillars of Survival and Bug Out Bags

This is a great overview of the areas of survival that need to be confronted. It is a special 56 minute video that was done by Erich Jacobs (Prepper Academy) that is the core and foundation of the “pillars” we’ve based our data on (water, food, shelter, personal health & security, energy electricity fire, and tools [devices & applicable knowledge]). When you start video, if you want to make it full screen click the 4 corners image at the bottom far right of the video. Enjoy.
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Home Invasion Protection Hatting

WARNING – The 1st 2-3 minutes of the video is a replay of a news report of a home invasion which is not fatal but is quite violent, so confront needs to be high. Almost all the rest is much easier to confront and gives the solution as to what the lady should have known and done. The video is 23:14 minutes long. When you start video, if you want to make it full screen click the 4 corners image at the bottom far right of the video
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Weekly Ham Radio Classes from Expert – Free

Note – 30 October 2014 Thursday will be the last class for the year. There will not be any more classes after the 30th until next year. This is a weekly free class that is just starting which goes over everything you need to know about using a Ham Radio. Dave Salyer (a lifetime Ham Radio operator who started in 6th grade) is doing the class for the purpose of forming up a group of Ham Radio operators that will have their own Ham “network” during emergency and disaster situations with pre-arranged procedures of staying in communication. Also to hat
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What Would You Do If…

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF…. (what actions would you take if) …the city/county water supply becomes polluted and you couldn’t use it for drinking or cleaning? Like Ohio recently (Aug 2014 – …the water supply was interrupted and you had No city Water for 1 day, 1 week, longer? …the grocery stores could not get sufficient shipments and they ran out of food for 1 week, 1 month? …the alternative food banks, local farmers markets and local farms were overrun and it was to dangerous to us them? …a section of your house/residence was damaged by weather and not
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