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LA rebates for lawn replacing, rain barrels; drought-tolerant plant database

Inspired by (and including) some information provided by Koreen, here is research on Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s California Friendly® Landscape Incentive Program  (rebates for replacing your lawn!) See See the Fact Sheets (on right) DWP’s “California-friendly landscaping in Los Angeles” link Go to the second tab on the left which leads to a database of drought-tolerant plants also there’s a link to free classes free classes May 30, Jun 13, July 11, August 8 in Van Nuys   FOR PARKWAYS (those public-domain strips between the sidewalk & street): Look on right under “Rebate for Parkway Landscaping”
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Farm Briefings at Koreen’s

These are exciting times and we are coming closer and closer to actually buying our farm. That’s why we are having these briefings often to keep those who are interested up-to-date on all of our activities. The briefings are at Koreen Brennan’s house 1379 Hibiscus St, Clearwater, FL 33755 – Phone 727-424-3329
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The Illusion of an Off-Grid Uptopia

The Illusion of an Off-Grid Utopia By Brett A. Fernau I attended a presentation the other night from someone who sincerely believed that living off-the-grid was a goal toward which we all should strive.  That was not the first time I have heard this idea presented as a goal worthy of achieving.  The idea is somewhat pervasive within the preparedness “community.”  I reject the notion that we all should be working toward getting ourselves off the grid.  Instead, I believe we should be working hard at building a better, more sustainable, more resilient and durable grid. First, let’s look at
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Berkey Filters Remove Chloramines & Many Other Things

For all who are familiar with cities putting additives into city water such as chlorine and chloramines, etc this article will be of interest to you. From a recent test and improvement of the Berkey Filters they now are capable of actually removing the chloramines from water as well as many other undesirable elements. Read article and results Here. Independent Lab Test Results Here. Lee
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