4-Indicators for Prediction

Hey All Heads Up. Here is a Val Doc notice sent over by David from Kurt Paine. Download the file “Signs of a Breakdown”, print it out and carry it with you for a quick reminder.
Hi Team,

I’ve gotten some help from Kurt to put together a list of indicators for us to observe for and report. That way we’ll know when to go to a higher state of preparedness, per the Price of Freedom.

These fall into 4 broad categories:

1. Shortages

2. Social Unrest

3. Economic Indicators

4. Troop Movements

I’ve put these onto a single page in a format that’s easy to put in your EDC (Every Day Carry) and scan at a glance. Please text or email reports of your observations to I&R, which at the moment Lee is holding while Jack is on the SRD. Like a Geiger counter, we expect an occasional report, but a lot of reports in a short period of time means DANGER. So don’t let the team down. Originate when you spot a BI.

But most importantly, outpoints (this BI’s are obviously all outpoints) mean that there’s a situation, a departure from ideal, a threat to survival, so get alert. There’s a WHY in there somewhere and we need to know what it is.

I’ve put the group on an increased level of alertness and preparedness because there are a lot of these indicators showing right now. And a new (World Government) IMF action is poised to strike after today.

In Serbia before their war, there were tons of indicators before night’s curtain fell and it became a war zone. Fatally, the talking heads and politicians lied to keep everyone “calm” (i.e. not responding rationally to impending disaster). So I’m not very interested in “listening.” Per LRH it’s better to “look.” Thus we have our first list of what to look for. If you have some ideas on how to improve it, let me know.

I hope it helps.

ML, David

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