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Community Preparedness Group International, Inc. is a public-service non-profit dedicated to helping people “Live Prepared!” We help people learn to survive disasters – from hurricanes and earthquakes to EMPs, solar flairs and beyond.

Non-Profit Organization.
We currently operate in FL with several groups throughout the world.

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Disaster Preparedness

Our group helps its members get prepared for any events which could occur so they can be ready to face anything that would present itself!


Gardening & Recreation

Part of the best survival plan includes knowing how to stay healthy and strong. We teach members how to grow their own food and how to stay active.


Community Assistance

Monthly training events and local group meetings help keep members in the know on the latest and most important survival news.


We help you start a community in your local area

If you are serious about “living prepared,” we want to help you start your own Survival Club in your area.

We want people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to live prepared, so they can handle any situation that might arise.

It’s not just about being prepared. It’s about recreation as well. That is why we also focus on having fun and hosting community experiences.

Whether you are looking to join an existing group or start your own, we are glad for you to join us and share in our mission to better the planet!

David Sanders

Executive Director, CPG Int. Inc.

We believe that in everything we do, we will make a difference in getting our friends, family and neighbors living prepared.

We have the tools to help anyone get set up for handling situations which could occur whether environmental or otherwise. Take a look at our recent stats:

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