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How Solar Systems Are Used

The following is a simple writeup intended to give you an overview. There are two ways to utilize solar panels. Either by connecting to the utility/power company's grid or to your own batteries. The most common method is to connect the solar panels to a control box that is connected to the utility power. As you generate power that lowers your electric bill by supplying power to you with the result that you use less power from the utility, and may even give you credit for unused power. The utility company is your “battery backup.” But if the power grid
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Longevity Spinach

It is non toxic and edible. The stems can be used in concoctions, but the leaves are more tender for consumption. Crushing them is sufficient for releasing beneficial properties for topical use. The leaves are a bit thick, more like a succulent than a regular leaf and have a very thin layer of clear gel inside that looks similar to aloe gel. HOW TO COOK/EAT It has a bland taste, so it can be added to a smoothie or a salad, or even a cold soup, or just chewed alone. The health benefits are best when raw, but it can
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