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Berkey Filters Remove Chloramines & Many Other Things

For all who are familiar with cities putting additives into city water such as chlorine and chloramines, etc this article will be of interest to you. From a recent test and improvement of the Berkey Filters they now are capable of actually removing the chloramines from water as well as many other undesirable elements. Read article and results Here. Independent Lab Test Results Here. Lee
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Building Your Everyday Carry & Back Home Bag

Watch this video on putting together you Everyday Carry Kit and Your Getting Back Home Bag – it’s 30:39 minutes long was edited out from full 1 hour video. “Everyday Carry and Back Home Bag” You can get everything you need for these (other than the handgun) online with Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart or others. Target is 2 weeks.
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