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CL #1 Emergency Food Checklist

Emergency Food Checklist for 2 Weeks Bug In at Home Purpose: To gather and store 3 days to 2 weeks of food for you or you and your family. _____0) To survive in your home from 3 days up to 2 weeks.   How many people do you need store food for ____________? Orientation: _____1) Start by educating yourself as to what is available. Google “emergency food” for companies like,, ______2) Google “long term emergency food storage containers” and check out this link Most emergency food items have a shelf life so it makes sense to stock
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Building Your Everyday Carry & Back Home Bag

Watch this video on putting together you Everyday Carry Kit and Your Getting Back Home Bag – it’s 30:39 minutes long was edited out from full 1 hour video. “Everyday Carry and Back Home Bag” You can get everything you need for these (other than the handgun) online with Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart or others. Target is 2 weeks.
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Building Your Survival Binder

The document from our Prepper Academy from Erich Jacobs on putting together your survival binder is better than I could do so I’ve added it here as a download. Right click and save as… Building Your Survival Binder The “Fall back location” mentioned in the document that you can plan a route to is Jim Hadley’s mini-farm in Lutz. 16130 Hanna Rd Lutz, FL 33549 Also here is the video, if you didn’t see it, on putting together this survival binder – to give some mass. Watch or right click and save as… Survival Binder Video 8:31 minutes. For fall-back
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