Economic alarm bells…16Jan2015

A note about this report – There are some “fringe” site’s data in this report but it also has valid data from Bloomberg, Yahoo News, UK Daily Mail and others. It’s a summary collection of information and warnings so use your data series and evaluate what you read. Check out the links within the links and you can read the valid news sources and compare with other data not conjecture.

I felt it important enough to post this with the above warning – we don’t want to have our heads in the sand (smile).

A comment from Koreen (many years working in OSA) – “…Natural News [is not] a source for anything, as this guy is a straight up Merchant of Chaos at least part of the time. It gets him larger readership when he keys people in and he is a cynical kind of guy so if it serves his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stats to alter is or exaggerate or lie, he will do so. This article would be a great drill for the Data Series Evaluator course – it is dripping with added and dropped out time, altered importance, wrong source, etc, etc, etc.

PLEASE, do independent research on anything this guy says as he has repeatedly been caught in exaggerations, alter-is and outright lies.”


Right mouse click and download report Economic Alarm Bells as Russia Cuts Off Energy Supply to Europe-16Jan2015

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