Financial News – May not be what you want to hear but facts

Here are a number of reliable sites reporting what is happening with world debt, etc. I apologize for some of this information being to technical, as there may be terms you are not familiar with, but you can get the gist of the actuality of what’s going on and thus prepare as much as you can.


I highly recommend getting your checklists done and checked off AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Not trying to be a fear monger but don’t like to have my head in the sand either. We don’t want to be Sheeple, but people wide awake. Especially read and/or scan the first article that just came out today by, Jim Willie.


Got an email from a member who said (from an article he read) “…seems to connect a few dots about the infamous international bankers and past and current social problems.” Here was my response – “The corruption at international banks is at an all time high. So how does that translate to us and our daily game of survival?


Make sure all your checklists are completed and signed off, is a first step.


Get some backup local money trading sources like, barter services, small previously circulated silver coins, trading application of the tech we know to help stabilize neighbors who are not grounded are some suggestions.


Regardless of what it seems like now, countries just can’t continue to go into insolvency (debt) without something seriously breaking. And it will break.


One guy’s frustration comments from tracking and reading reliable (not fringe) financial information sources over years.
“I have come to the conclusion that the government system: whether its federal or world is ‘tainted to a farther degree than originally thought’. Everything boils down to 1. money 2. power. What politicians do is legal; if its Suzy Secretary or Charlie Corporate doing the same, they are prosecuted.


There are ‘no true rules being followed here’. Its a power and money grab by Big Boys World Wide and they do not want to relinquish their power/strangle hold: whether its the Rothchilds, Kennedys, BIS (Bank of International Settlements – that control all world central banks in countries), Bankers, IMF, 3 letter orgs, plus any and all Government Hierarchies. Few are ever prosecuted. The Bankers are just ‘eliminated’ “
This is our opportunity to extrovert and help stabilize before financial unpleasantness.
Feel free to email any questions or comments.


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