FRS (Family Radio Service) radio recommendations

Recommended FRS (Family Radio Service)/General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) hand-held radios (otherwise known as a walkie-talkie).

No license needed but really work only short distance (like 0.5-1 mile) and “line of sight” – good for neighborhood communications.

Motorola MS350R 35-Mile Talkabout Waterproof 2-Way Radio (Pair)   $62

(22 channel

s, 3 AA batteries)

(Costco has basically same radio, the MT 351R, for $60 a pair)

(Home Depot has similar (not waterproof) for $70)


(You can get cheaper sets on Amazon for $25-$44/pair, but they use AAA batteries – using fresh batteries is the key and you’ll want to have lots on hand.  While it’s helpful if we all have the same because then we can help each other learn them, they’re simple enough so really you can buy any of them.)

$25 for two but takes 6 AAA batteries

Motorola MG160A 16-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Pair of Two-Way Radio (Light blue)

(this is blue, the newer pink version for $28 takes only 3 AAA batteries.)


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