Full First Aid Kit Recommendations

Here’s some great First Aid Kit recommendations from Ellen Edmondson. These can be put together instead of buying a kit, half of which you don’t ever use and run out of the vital stuff you do need.

I’ve pasted the document here and also attached a PDF to download at the bottom.


First Aid Kits
There are many good ready-made first aid kits on the market. The problem with these kits is that after you’ve patched a few cuts and wrapped a few sprains, you’re out of supplies. To get around this, you can make up your own kits.

I have compiled two first aid kit lists, a general list using supplies readily available at any drug store or medical supply store (published here) and an advanced list (will publish later). The advanced list is only for people with professional medical knowledge, many items on the advanced list can only be purchased if you have a professional license to do so and should only be used if trained.

These lists are a consolidation and compilation of ten different first aid lists and I feel reasonably sure they are comprehensive.

These kits can be put together in a couple of shopping trips for an estimated cost of $400 to $500. I use an on-line medical supply-Moore Medical. Amazon carries a lot of these items and discounters like Target and Walmart or warehouse stores like Sam’s or Costco have first aid supplies at good prices. Some of these items are costly and so I have indicated they are optional with an * before the item.

You can also purchase a ready-made kit for $750 from Doom and Bloom. They have the most comprehensive first aid kits I’ve seen.

Bandages and Assorted Supplies
25 Sterile 2 x 2’s
100 Non-Sterile 2 x 2’s
25 Sterile 4 x 4’s
100 Non-sterile 4 x 4’s
25 3 x 4″ telfa pads (for burns)
12 4″ roller gauze (also called Kerlix)
12 6″ roller gauze
100 Assorted size Bandaids
25 Heavy duty sanitary napkins (used for bulky dressings)
10 Sterile ABD pads 5″ x 9″
12 Eye bandages
1 Eye patch
6 2″ Ace bandages
6 4″ Ace bandages
*5 rolls “Sensi” (self-adherent) wrap
6 Rolls each 1″ Silk tape and 1″ paper tape
6 Rolls each 1/2″ silk tape and 1/2″ paper tape
3 Triangle bandages
10 Small moleskin sheets (cut to size to cushion blisters and pressure areas)
10 small butterfly closures
10 large butterfly closures
*24 Steri-strips (4 envelopes of 6 each)
1 Sam splint 4″ x 36″
1 Sam finger splint
1 3″ universal cervical collar
1 roll duct tape
500 Cotton balls
50 Cotton swabs
25 Tongue depressors
100 BZK Antiseptic pads (for hand cleaning and cleaning animal bites)
100 Alcohol Prep pads
100 Betadine Prep pads
1 CPR mask
100 Pairs medium latex or nitrile gloves ( non-sterile, no powder)
100 Pairs large latex or nitrile gloves (non-sterile, no powder)
4 emergency blankets
4 emergency towels
1 set of Berman oral airways
1 60 cc irrigation syringe
*1 CAT tourniquet
3 2 gram Celox Powder packet
* 1 6″ Israeli battle dressing
*1 4″ Israeli battle dressing
10 N95 respiratory masks
10 Surgical mask with ear loops
2 Tyvek hazmat suits(Home Depot)

Dehydration Fluid Ingredients
1 small salt shaker of salt
1 small “lite” salt (potassium chloride) shaker
1 small box baking soda
1 small bag of sugar
Recipe: 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp lite salt, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 2 1/2 Tbsp sugar in one liter water.

Non-Prescription Medications
100 Aspirin tablets
100 Tylenol tablets
100 Ibuprofen tablets
25 Phnylephrine 10 mg tablets (decongestant)
100 Benadryl 25 mg. capsules
100 Docusate 100 mg tablets (stool softener)
1 large bottle fiber laxative (Miralax)
1 large bottle kaopectate or 25 Imodium tablets
5 Tubes antifungal cream
3 Tubes antibiotic cream (Neosporin)
1 Large tube or jar Silvadene cream (for burns)
5 Tubes hydrocortisone cream
1 Tube Preparation H
1 Jar or tube vaseline
2 Bottles of sunscreen (at least spf 30)
6 1 oz bottles syrup of Ipecac (to induce vomiting)
2 Bottles activated charcoal tablets
2 Tubes antibiotic eye ointment (will need a prescription for this)
1 Bottle clove oil (for tooth aches)
1 Bottle potassium iodide tablets (need to buy this from a survival catalog, used to prevent
thyroid damage from radiation; one bottle is a 100 day
supply for one person cost approx $ 20.00; must have if you have children)
2 Bottles calamine lotion
1 large bottle Gold Bond powder
1 Jar glycerin suppositories (for constipation)
1 Bottle salt tablets
1 Bottle potassium tablets
2 8 oz bottles betadine
2 8 oz bottles alcohol
4 8 oz bottles hydrogen peroxide
2 8 oz bottles witch hazel
1 jar meat tenderizer (for insect bites)
1 Bottle liquid soap (antibacterial)
1 Bottle bleach (for water purification and disinfection)
1 Bottle vinegar (insect stings, good cleanser for wounds when diluted)
2 chapsticks
1 package dental floss

1 Good pair of tweezers
1 Pair scissors
1 Pair heavy duty metal bandage scissors
1 Nail clipper (small and large)
1 good quality manicure set
1 Bottle opener
25 Assorted safety pins
1 Enema tube
1 Enema bag
1 Thermometer
*1 blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
1 Glass eye cup
1 Glass magnifying glass
1 Hot water bottle
1 Flashlight with batteries
1 Headlamp with batteries
1 Package plastic bags

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First Aid Kit Recommendations from Ellen

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