Personal Disease Prevention Kit

Hi All,

Wanted to get this out to everybody so you can be ahead of the curve on disease prevention supplies.

Just like a pending hurricane when grocery stores are empty, essential medical supplies can go just as fast. The difference is there are so many hybrid and new disease threats (including various flu’s) that it makes sense to prepare because you’re out of the game if you get sick.

Attached is the recommended list and where to get the Prevention Supplies to put a kit together. You’re welcome to share this list with friends and family. What you’re looking at is about $100 total from Amazon and others, which is cheap compared to medical treatment after the fact.

SPECIAL NOTE – You can go for a while without water, and be creative and find some as well as food. But if you get infected with a deadly or near deadly disease you’re body is done! You’re out of the game and it doesn’t make a difference how much supplies of food, etc you have if you’re sick you can’t function. I would highly recommend making arrangements to come to Ellen’s Health Care classes.
This is the email from Ellen Edmondson this morning (2 Oct 2014):
The items in the Prevention Supplies Kit are standard items recommended by many “prepper” sites.  I understand completely about why have things like the [full body] Tyvek suites.  Mostly it is a preparedness item that it is good to have in certain instances.

Example:  A flooded area with chemical contamination as occurred in New Orleans with Katrina.

Example:  You have to enter an area where sick people are to locate a friend or family member.  There is no way you can stock enough of these to wear on a daily basis.  Imagine the number of these they go through in an Ebola ward in Africa.  However having a few of them is a good preparedness item.

Really with diseases like Ebola there are so many things an individual can do to avoid infection:

1.  Don’t travel by air [if possible].

2.  If you must travel by air wear an N95 or N100 mask, carry BZK wipes to wipe down hard surfaces you come in contact with.  Have disposable gloves, hand sanitizer with you.  Wear long sleeves, long pants that can be removed and washed when you arrive at your destination.

3.  Avoid crowds.  Be very meticulous with hand washing, wiping down hard surfaces like shopping cart handles, etc.

4.  Talk to your children’s school about their infection control measures.  Consider keeping kids at home if any spike in absences due to illness in the school.  Teach your kids about hand-washing, observing people for signs of illness and report it to teacher, etc

5.  Train yourself not to touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth. Train yourself not to bite your nails.  You should just flat out not put your hands around your face at all unless they have just been thoroughly washed.

6.  The important items to have in quantity are N95 (cheaper and filter up to 0.3 micron) or N100 (at least $7 each [shop around] but filter down to 0.1 micron); disposable gloves, BZK wipes, alcohol and alcohol wipes, source of chlorine like pure Pool Shock the powdered bleach that can be mixed in water and used to disinfect and is shelf stable unlike liquid bleach.  Goggles are reusable, boots are reusable, so easy to acquire and stock.

7.  And of course your regular preps and the “five pillars” [Prepper Academy].  If you can stay home during an epidemic or a quarantine and have all your supplies, that is a good way to avoid contact with infected persons.

8.  Finally good general health.  Healthy people have a better chance of surviving any kind of infection.  The herbs that Winston recommends are important here in prevention and treatment.

Take Care.
Lee Wilson
D/ED & Qual USG Int.

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