potential bug-out location, Reyes Creek property

For info on this, see photos and documents at this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/62mdnx59cobpmf4/AAAhbvLPWGc1T1cLoiyMQV7Sa?dl=0 You can write Shellah at . Here is a summary of the data:

Dear CPG members,


One of our members, Shellah, is looking for people who might like to go in with her on a potential bug-out location for only $59,000.  It could be purchased as a group and/or set up like a time-share arrangement with memberships (as it’s also a weekend getaway spot).


The site is about two hours drive away– up the I-5 (1 hour) and east (1 hour) on Frazier Mountain Park Rd then continuing on Lockwood Valley Road. Location is about halfway between Frazier Park & Ojai.  Situated on year-round Reyes Creek fed by a spring.  Cost is $59K for the cabin built around 1945, plus $300/month for the land lease (and approx $200/year in taxes).  House is approx 1,000 sq ft and currently has 2 full beds (for 2 couples) plus 2 beds for children; a living room  sofabed could be added, the lot itself is 3,000 sq. feet.  The house next door is much larger may also go on sale, as well as the house across the creek and several others – plus the restaurant (“Reyes Bar & Grill”) on the overall very large property.  There is access to two wells and the potential for a separate community garden.


Shellah writes:  For us, this cabin/community could be a short-term bug-out location.  It could be shared by, say, 10 people, and stocked with food, water, etc. for 1, 2, 6 months.  It would be a good, immediate bug-out location and/or staging area for something bigger later.  The cabin would be very cozy if all 10 people bugged out at the same time but that’s the nature of a POD anyway.


 The location is 2 hours away so you can assume the I-5 would be congested if one tried to bug out in the middle of a disaster.  Instead, this location would be best utilized after bugging in at home for a week or more.  If things did not settle down and it was time to get outta Dodge then you’d bug out and by then the roads might be clearer.  One could also bug out before, if you knew something was coming.


Please listen to the conference call for a discussion of how a group might buy it together. One example:  If 10 people paid $6,000 for a “spot,” the cabin would be paid for.  If you were a member for, say, 6 years, that’s a bug-out location nailed down for less than $100/month.

Recording of previous Conference Call #1 on May 18 (1 hour)

CODE 90699303


Also see the info sheet and photos at the dropbox link.

11 Siegfried Road, Lockwood Valley, CA


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