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What Happened When the Swiss Franc Unlinked from the Euro?

On 15 January 2015 the Swiss Franc currency unpegged from the Euro which was keeping it artificially low and not valued at it’s true value.


The same thing is happening this year, possibly before the fall, with the Vietnam dong and the Chinese Yuan which are both pegged to the US Dollar. So there are some possibilities for profit here by acquiring some of these very cheap undervalued currencies from a bank or Travelex. Or if you do Yuan you can use EverBank.

I’m just saying check out…. The Real Reason the Swiss Peg Ended and related research. Also read The Redback Revolution and article links – very interesting.

When this happens any bank that deals in foreign currencies or travelex will exchange for you, or use EverBank if it’s Yuan. I’ve used EverBank for years. Just don’t mention it as an investment but only a currency exchange otherwise it’s a taxable event.

This year the USD will no longer be the world reserve (Petro-dollar trading) currency.




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