Warning on Scams – Currencies and Others

Hi All – I have been quite for a while on financial matters not because there was nothing significant to talk about but more because there has been to much to talk about in this world changing scenario.

A number of CPG members and others have talked to me about various “opportunities” in the area of an under-valued currency purchases in hopes that some major financial benefits will result.

Please please take the time to read J.C. Collins report on this area he just wrote. This is good information and it’s not technical.

This guy is grounded and very smart. Below is part of his bio and he is one of many that I read.


Right click to download – Save as… Warning on Scams-Collins


Jared Collins – JC Collins is a macroeconomic analyst and writer who has written extensively about the subjects presented in The Economic Transition Papers. On December 31, 2013, JC started a website called Philosophy of Metrics, where he produced essays on the multilateral transition, explaining how the international financial architecture will shift from the unipolar USD based framework to the SDR based framework.

Within the first 16 months the site has had over 2 million views and a readership which has spanned the globe.

Philosophyofmetrics.com was created by JC Collins on New Years Eve, 2013, as a gift to himself on his 40th birthday.  It is an independent endeavor meant to attract other philosophically and abstractly inclined individuals to define the current state of mans awareness and to seek out alternative methodologies by which humanity can seek itself in the endless tomorrows before us.

“Philosophy of Metrics is the methodology of understanding the world through patterns and processes.  From the ancient philosophy of primitive man to the stock market today, there is a pattern in everything and anything.  We but need to observe and recognize the macro and micro of it all.

One of the biggest patterns is the one of ignorance.  We are subjected daily to methods of misdirection and direct obfuscation which serve to keep us blind to the realities that surround us.

Our modest intent is to lift the fog on the mysteries and allow some of these patterns to become visible, whereby we may better understand the world and our place within it.”

J.C. Collins


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