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We have a lot of great plans and activities mocked up for CPG going into the future, as well as many benefits of being an active member right now. Surveys of our membership indicate they do not want to extend key membership benefits to people who have not helped our group.

Therefore we need to define exactly what an active member is and what constitutes participation.

Active Membership

Simply, an active CPG member is a person who does actions that forwards the purposes of CPG in policy #1. These would include but not be limited to,

  • Consistently completing steps on their progress sheet(s), thus getting continually more prepared
  • Training others on a specialized skills they have that is on purpose for CPG,
  • Attending at least one major monthly meeting within a 3 month period (minimum 2 within a 6 month period (being flat out on Bridge services is the acceptable exception)
  • Working on any of our Div-6 projects or other projects that are issued
  • Other participation that clearly forwards our purposes in policy #1.

GPG Participation

The following are recognized as valid participation in GPG:

  • Weekly progress through your progress sheet increasing your personal, family and group preparedness
  • Attending as many meetings as you can, which would include specialized training and hatting.
  • Writing checklists, per the checklists document, on some area of our preparedness, survival areas or Div-6 areas
  • Teaching and training other CPG members and public in a survival or preparedness skills
  • Doing research as needed and/or requested
  • Working with our Div-6 groups more often than once every 3 months
  • Helping plant and grow our backup food or at our farm property
  • Holding a post and functioning as that beingness on our Org Board
  • Working on and maintaining our legal structure(s), financial and accounting
  • Professional promotion of CPG so that we are well known with our good works well thought of
  • Sharing your skills, knowledge and abilities to make other members more capable
  • Support any of our divisional functions any way you can, whether posted in a particular area or not. This would include Div-6 community projects.
  • Help to keep the website up-to-date and new members (users) activated

Inactive Membership:

If there is no participation or activity from a member for 3 months they are considered inactive and will be removed from our website, email notifications and any special deals or benefits that active CPG members have, unless prior arrangements have been made with the ED.

David Sanders

ED CPG International

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