There is a lot to know about being prepared and surviving disasters. We’ve prepared a number of practical checklists that you can go through and check off the things you’ve already got covered and take on those points that you don’t. By going through this process you’ll soon be far better prepared and won’t flinch at just about anything the future might throw at you. That would be good!

You can download the Checklists (PDF unless otherwise noted) to your computer; click on the link and the download will start. Unless changed, it will save to your Documents folder. If you have a PDF Reader, it may load it directly into your browser and you will need to save it using the PDF Reader’s menu. Start with the Beginner Progress Sheet first.

    #9 Beginner First Aid and Physically Prepared Checklist


    For Divisional Tracking Beginner Master Progress Board

    4A – Shelter

    4A – Energy

    4B – Food

    4C – Fire and Cooking


    Technical Equipment Series:

    Car Bag (6/6/17)

    Get Home Bag (3/3/17)

    Emergency Daily Carry (3/3/17)