Buying Tips and Hints

PERSONAL BUYING TIPS AND HINTS – Feel Free to email us your experiences to add to this list.

Online and offline, always always always ask for a discount. Many time they have one but will not tell you unless you ask for it. This goes for travel, hotel reservations, clubs, retail stores (even chains) and all online buying (see below).

On buying online for a “sales page”, always back out of a sales page (even the 2nd sales page) to see what they will offer. Sometimes you have to go all the way to the checkout cart and then try and back out before they give you their best offer, how do I know this….. I’ve found they would rather give it to you for half or less rather than lose a sale.

Whenever you’re buying anything, with the exception of Amazon, eBay and large eCommerce sites, you should never purchase until you’ve copied that product name and Googled (product name) discount coupon. Again, many times you will get a significant discount by finding a discount code to use on checkout. Make sure they are as current as possible. Try product name or company name.

Today manufacturers are demanding that sellers show the authorized price on their websites, but many times (I have done this) if you call directly and order they give you a significant discount on the product which they can’t publicly advertise.