The Attack is Primarily Financial

This is my viewpoint and not presented for documented evidence but just what I’ve seen and am seeing.

The Attack that is going on is Financial and has been over time, not as much as disasters created or natural and definitely not military or government martial law take over except in certain areas and under certain circumstances.

What better way to control the population than through financial hardship and money control; lots of precedents for this.

There might be an occasional problem with grocery stores running out of stock but the PTB (Powers That Be) won’t let the infrastructure deteriorate for any length of time, and especially in higher wealth areas where “the people that matter” live and around military bases and key police centers. These bases and centers are the support the Federal and local government have for their survival and control points.

What are more important areas to set up (after basic survival and protection is in place) would be barter items and skill sets that can be bartered. Things like toilet paper, matches and bic lighters, simple first aid material (bandages and wraps), canned stew and chili, and a water purification device. Also teaching people how to use the environment for food and water makes them part of the “group” instead of alienating them.

Then having some way of securing and protecting your resources (money etc) so that there is a medium of exchange that doesn’t deteriorate and lose so much value where, what you buy now you can’t afford in the future. This would be a small cache of junk silver coins that can be used for exchange if the dollar seriously de-values and prices inflate dramatically. Additionally, if a person has any reserves in dollars, get them out of the bank or savings entity and put them into a foreign currency that will hold it’s value against the USD. What I’m talking about is a foreign currency that is worth more (preferably much more) than the USD (example – 1 Singapore dollar that is worth 2 US dollars in exchange). This can fluctuate but always remains stronger than the USD or you move it over to a stronger currency if it weakens. A small amount of foreign currency can be bought and stored in only 1 US bank that’s authorized to hold foreign currency for US citizens, and you can do this for any amount.

A point of observation – the criminals who are after your money and cash are not stockpiling food and water, etc but have increased their skills in how to take your money and valuables without you being aware until after it’s done. This is being mostly done online but offline as well. Trust building is a key factor in short and long term cons that are “to good to pass up”, as well as devices that can steal all your credit information from a close proximity or ATM machines. Criminals who do this for a living (like hackers) are VERY SKILLED and have the resources to acquire the devices they need to do this.

A lot of the prepper and survival info and promotion are terrorist tactics to misdirect the population’s attention away from financial areas, like what the main financial institutions are doing and currency manipulation that is going on globally. An example of this misdirection would be the National Geographic’s “Doomsday Prepper” TV show. Don’t get me wrong, some or much of it is valid and good but yet it’s a misdirection because of the way it’s presented.

The good news is there are protection procedures and devices which will prevent a lot of this from happening. Also I’m seeing there are a number of powerfully powerful people who sincerely are working to help.

Myself and another USG OT are working on compiling material to make checklists with resources that can be used to help with this area of financial security and maybe even profiting. This takes a little time because I have to do and or use whatever I put on a checklist to prove out it’s validity, but there is some urgency! There will be some basic hatting involved so there is an understanding of why you would need to take certain actions, financially. This is an evolving situation and changes so you can’t just think like you can “put your money in a bank and forget about it”; it’s not 1950 so to speak. I will be adding documented and informational videos under this Finance section to help build KRC so that informed decisions can be made.

If you haven’t read and viewed this post see How Long Will the Dollar Remain the World Currency? it’s a bit long but well worth the time.

To Be Continued….

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