Weekly Ham Radio Classes from Expert – Free

Note – 30 October 2014 Thursday will be the last class for the year. There will not be any more classes after the 30th until next year.

This is a weekly free class that is just starting which goes over everything you need to know about using a Ham Radio. Dave Salyer (a lifetime Ham Radio operator who started in 6th grade) is doing the class for the purpose of forming up a group of Ham Radio operators that will have their own Ham “network” during emergency and disaster situations with pre-arranged procedures of staying in communication. Also to hat you up so you can easily pass the test for your first license.

I highly recommend setting aside a couple hours every Thurs from 7-8:30pm so you can take advantage of his vast knowledge and experience which he is giving for free. There doesn’t seem to be any question in this area that he can’t clarify and make you understand it, per Sceintology MU data.

He is doing it at the Mormon Church so there might be some Mormons in the class as well. Mormons are some of the best Preppers around.

Where: Mormon Church (Church of Later Day Saints) 3303 N. Belcher Rd., Dunedin

When: Every Thursday at 7pm sharp

This is a key area for being able to stay in communication during any kind of disaster so I hope those that are interested in hatting up and helping us setup our “network” can make time for this.

Also the license is free which normally has a cost.

See Ya there.

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