Community Preparedness Group International, Inc. is a public-service non-profit dedicated to helping people “Live Prepared!” We help people learn to survive disasters – from hurricanes and earthquakes to EMPs, solar flairs and beyond.

These pages offer checklists for emergency situations and some common-sense notes on being prepared for a variety of low-probability, high-impact situations. Our members care about their environment, what they eat and how they live and want to see a safer world with good people surviving better and fewer suffering victims.Our purpose is to help ourselves, our families, churches and communities survive hurricanes, earthquakes and any other disaster.

We believe that in order to improve conditions one needs to be able to face whatever problems may exist. The scarier the situation, the harder it is to face. At the same time, not facing it does not make it go away. So we try to make it easy to calmly look at things that might happen and discuss what you can do about them, so you can successfully overcome any disruptions life may throw at you.

Enjoy the material here on our site and come back for new information again and again!